Patience.  Communication.  Experience.  Not words always associated with a Real Estate Attorney.

Whether it’s the first time or seventh time you are buying or selling a home, the transaction may be one of the most important you will ever make in your life.  You need a partner, someone who understands that your deal is not cookie cutter, someone who understands that each transaction is different.

That is why it is our belief that PATIENCE – understanding that a home purchase or sale can be a monumental decision and that Buyers and Sellers may and very well should have many questions or concerns they want their Attorney to answer.

Or COMMUNICATION – our Firm’s number one commitment is that every client should be kept in the loop.  Questions answered sooner, not later.  Your Attorney should be available when you need them.  Not out the door the minute the clock strikes 5pm.  We strive to insure that our clients are always well informed, are able to contact us and are secure in how their individual transaction is progressing.

EXPERIENCE – In Real Estate, every deal is different.  Sometimes in very small ways, in other cases, large ways.  The same things goes with our clients.  We have seasoned, experienced clients buying and selling their umpteenth property and clients who are purchasing their very first home.  We understand the needs of both and everyone in between.  We do not take a “one size fits all” approach but rather tailor our representation based on who the client is and what their requirements are.  We have closed thousands of Real Estate Purchases and Sales.  Condos, coops, single and multi family houses and commercial buildings.  We have experience closing them all.

Patience, Communication, Experience. These three core principles make up what our Firm is all about.

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